Email From Joseph Turner

Candidate for CRP Platform Committee Assembly District 1



From: Joseph Turner 

Sent: Friday, April 5, 2019, 5:29:05 PM MST

Subject: CRP Platform Committee Election for AD1

Dear Fellow Assembly District 1 Delegates,

It's time for the 2019 CRP Platform Committee Election that establishes our party platform for the next 4 years, and I am asking for your support and vote to represent Assembly District 1.

Why vote for me? Simple. As a disabled combat veteran I will fight for our pro-Liberty and Constitutional principles and standards with integrity and without fear or compromise.

The proposed reforms in messaging are a drastic abandonment of our principles in order to be even more "Democrat-lite." Conceding our positions has been the failing strategy for nearly 3 decades. Gambling on "compromise" has been a proven strategy for failure. It's time to bet on the strengths of our identity. We are the party of abolition. We are the party of Liberty. We are the party of prosperity. We are the party of charity. We are the party of family. We are the party of reason. We are the party that best represents our American values that have produced the most prosperous and power nation in the worlds history.

For those of you I do not know, I am the Lassen County Chairman and have been active in my community advocating for responsibile government, Liberty, and defending our Rights as secured by the Constitution. 

After spending 17 years in the California Army National Guard and breaking my body overseas I have learned that Leadership over compromise is the key to victory.

Strenghten our platorm on important issues such as:

- Liberty

- Inalienable Rights

- Our Inalienable Right to keep and bear Arms

- Limited government

- Economic opportunity

- Pro-Family

- Improve education to improve opportunity

- Equitable immigration standards with strong borders

- Equitable legislative apportionment

- Health-care transperency and freedom of association

- Ensuring clean water for growth and agriculture

- Protecting our beautiful State from pollution and damaging wild fires

I will not avoid speaking with any of the Delegates as I believe dialogue strengthens all of us even if we may disagree. We are all on the same team.

A vote for Joseph Turner is a vote for the Constitution, a vote for Liberty, and a vote for Leadership with Integrity.

I would be honored to receive your support as I have been asked to run for this important position. 

If you have any questions for me please reach out at (530) 249-2179.

Thank you for you time and consideration,

Joseph Turner 

Lassen County Chairman 

SSG, Retired