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U. S. Constitution Course Sign-Up Form

If you would like to register for this class use the form below to let us know so we can make sure we have manuals available for everyone at class time.  If you have additional questions please complete the form at the bottom of this page. Please use the subject line as "Constitution Class" & click the "Send" button.  Your email address and phone number are required fields on the form and will only be use to contact you with information on this specific class. 


12-Week U. S. Constitution Classes

Join in the cause of preserving our God-given Liberty & restoring our Constitutional Republic. 

  • Classes are weekly, except holidays. 

  • All classes require a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 people/students.

  • Experienced class facilitators provide their services for free. Only cost is the manual, which is required.

  • The hardcopy manual is $50 and may be purchased at the class. Digital manuals are available for $10.  

  • The manual contains 12 lesson outlines, founding documents, and other relevant and valuable resources. 

  • Two or more people may share a manual.

  • This 12-week course qualifies for Civic Credit and is also great for home-schoolers (minimum age is 12).

Please use the form below to register for this class.  A facilitator will call you to confirm your enrollment and to answer any questions you may have.  Your name, phone number and email address are required fields in the form and will only be used to contact you with information specific to this class.  

If  you have questions or are interested in taking a class in the future also use the form below.  Please be sure to include your name email address, and phone number and use the Subject Line: U. S. Constitution.

Next Class: March 19 through June 18, 2024
Sign-up Deadline March 8, 2024

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