About Us

We Are Your Neighbors, Friends and Family

We Are the Nevada County Tea Party 

Bringing together like-minded citizens who believe in those principles of Constitutionally Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility and Free Markets that have made the United States of America the greatest country in the history of the world.  

Citizens who are willing to place country above political affiliation.


As we start to see people elected to office who believe in and support our Mission Statement, we understand our work has just begun.  If we are to succeed at self-governance, it will require our time and effort.  We must continue our efforts to provide information and education to our community.  The need to replace our government's power base at the federal, state and local levels with representatives committed above all  to what is best for our country.


Each of us needs to become actively involved by attending policy meetings, writing letters, phoning or e-mailing our representatives, or visiting their offices when necessary.


Please join us as we work together to promote those principles of self-governance as guaranteed by our Constitution.


The modern Tea Party Movement was born in February 2009, when and MSNBC television reporter, upset with the government bailouts proposed for banks, declared: "It is time for another Boston Tea Party!"  Internet traffic exploded as people from all walks of life, from both sides of the aisle and from every corner of America agreed with the report's rant.  


Little did that reporter know he lit a flame that burns brighter every day

as more and more Americans join the Tea Party.