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Critical Race Theory

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Learn more about CRITICAL RACE THEORY ideology being mandated in Nevada County schools. Many in our community attended the NJUHSD Board of Trustees October and December meetings that  included discussions on CRT. During the meetings, the Superintendent’s Task Force on Anti-Racism and Inclusivity presented its draft recommendations to the BOT. The Task Force Presentation linked below:


Meetings held at:

Where: Nevada Union HS in either WRESTLING GYM or WEST GYM

Address: 11645 Ridge Road, Grass Valley

Some of the Task Force recommendations include:

  • Re-imagining student conduct codes and discipline (Think: re-imagining policing).

  • Training on implicit bias, equity, inclusion, and restorative justice

  • Collecting data on micro-aggressions

  • Creating a Dean of Equity position (a political commissar to enforce CRT)

  • Establishing a reconciliation of past and present systemic racism 


Your support is needed in the following ways:

  • Your presence – lots of you!!!

  • Your display of a sticker that you will be given when you arrive indicating opposition to CRT

  • Your voice (tempered/ factual) during comment allowed after agenda item has been presented.

  • Public comment period (cannot talk, however, about agenda items, but can comment on open meetings versus zoom meetings, parents’ rights regarding their children’s education, masks and vaccine mandates, etc.)

  • Please keep comments tempered and factual/personal experience oriented

We will have updated information on this page as events develop.


The NJUHSD Superintendent's Anti-Racism and Inclusivity Task Force Draft Recommendations December 15, 2021


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