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Defending Liberty Means Defending Its Precepts

Have you found yourself unable to adequately hold your own when presenting your beliefs? Many of us have found ourselves in just that situation. Now more than ever it's important that we stand for Liberty and represent those values in the best way possible. Below are a few videos that demonstrate how you can become a better defender of Liberty.

1. Hit first.
2. Frame your opponent.
3. Frame the debate.
4. Spot inconsistencies in their arguments.
5. Force them to answer questions.
6. Don't get distracted.
7. If you don't know something, admit it.
8. Don't get sucked in by the paradime.
9. Make sure that you let the other side have a meaningless
victory or two, so they feel like they are accepted.

10. Use good body language at all times.
Ben's Additional 7 Techniques

7 "tells" to determine if you or the person you're debating are experiencing Cognitive Dissonance.

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