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Reframing the Republican Party Platform
From Where I Sit
Commentary by Jan Collins
The opinions are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Nevada County Tea Party

According to a Politico article, Former California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte  wants to "Reframing the Message" of the California Republican Party.


Mr Brulte has issued a dire warning that his state represents “the canary in the coal mine” for the party‘s national fortunes unless it confronts demographic shifts that have already turned California into a majority-minority state.

He said, the GOP has failed to confront the reality of those changes — or recognize the possibility that the recent "blue tsunami" midterm election in California was a harbinger of what lies ahead for the national party.


Former Assemblyman Travis Allen, a favorite of the party’s far right conservative wing  says he strongly rejects Brulte’s suggestion that demographics are at fault for the party’s 2018 battering.

“This is the same chatter we’ve heard form the GOP establishment for the past 20 years. The concept that Republicans need to look and sound more like Democrats to be elected in California is exactly what got us into this mess,’’ said Allen. “It’s about time for the Republicans in California to stand up for our values, our ideals — and yes, even support our GOP president.”

Apparently Jim Bulte's answer is for Republicans to compromise on principles in order to win elections.

Example 1: Climate Change

Example 2: Climate Change Re-framed



Commentary by Jan Collins: "My feeling is that we have done that too much already and that's why (along with the catering to the establishment elite and high dollar donors) people are leaving the party, but I am going from gut and personal feelings. I think the changes suggested are death."


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