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Liberty Camp 2023

Learn about and Experience the Birth of America . . . . . .

The Founding Fathers established our governance on: Faith, Morality, Law, and Education . . . to secure Liberty


Campers will learn about the founding of our beloved nation through:


ACTIVITIES: Games, Colonial Dress Up, Cooking and Eating Colonial Foods, Re-enacting the "Boston Tea Party", Crafts, Camp Daily Themes, Marching with General Washington, Signing the Declaration of Independence  . . .  and MORE!!

INVOLVEMENT: with the following historical characters in period dress: 

Patrick Henry (“give me liberty or give me death”),

King George (British tyrant), Samuel Adams (the “father” of America),

Thomas Jefferson (author of Declaration of Independence),

James Madison (author of Bill of Rights),

Ben Franklin (scholar, educator and inventor),

Noah Webster (author of 1828 Dictionary, passion for education),

George Washington (Revolutionary War General, First President),

Mercy Otis Warren, (Women’s rights, poet, war revolutionary),

Wm.(Billy) Lee, (George Washington’s personal assistant),

Betsy Ross (created first flag of United States)

WHEN: July 24 to 28, 2023

COST: $50 per CAMPER (exceptions for parent volunteers or multiple family campers**)

Limit: 40 campers

AGES: 8-12 Years

TIME: 9 a.m.- Noon (on July 28 FINALE WITH PARENTs, arrive @ 11:40 am for extended day to 12:30 pm)

LOCATION: Idaho-Maryland Rd., Nevada City (approx. 2 miles east of Brunswick Rd.)


Absolute Deadline for registration and payment: July 21


8 Teen Volunteers needed (no fee)

**PARENTS are encouraged to participate as helpers all week for one free camper admission; additional family member campers discounted.

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Liberty Camp 2023

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