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Information from the Election Integrity Project California


The Perfect Storm: Legislation that weakens the Integrity of CA Elections 2018 Update

“It is enough that the people know there was an election.” J. Stalin

Fox News @ Night - Shannon Bream - January 24, 2018 - Archive 

Write-in Candidate:

Proposition 14 (the top-two, or "jungle" primary) passed by California voters in November of 2010, negated the option of write-in candidates for voter-nominated state and federal offices in the General Election. 

In addition, at the city level, if a city did not hold a primary election, write-ins would be possible for city offices. Again, to be counted, the write-in must be cast for a candidate who has officially qualified as a write-in candidate. Ballots with write-ins will still have to be hand-processed, and likely duplicated for machine counting.

How do we know the ultimate vote count is accurate?


We don't.


The reality is that all votes submitted in envelopes (conditional, mail and provisional) pass through dozens of hands or more. Signatures are verified, a  highly subjective process, and ballots are scrutinized, "corrected", at times "copied  over" or "remade" before counting. With 60%+ of the CA population now voting by mail and another significant percentage voting provisionally, both voting methods that are easily manipulable, the results tabulated represent at best the system's approximation of the actual will of the people, at worst a manipulated or error-ridden election result.


 This is why the Election Integrity Project California encourages all voters who possibly can to vote in person, on Election Day, at their assigned polling place. This is the only way to get the most accurate and timely results of any election.   


EIPCa STRONGLY advises that you NOT CHOOSE to vote by mail or provisionally. The only ballot whose acceptance is not subjective and vulnerable to manipulation is a paper poll ballot on Election Day.


As long as we have such large numbers of "envelope" ballots, EIPCa asks that ALL CITIZENS consider being part of a team in each county that provides constant oversight during the processing of mail, provisional and conditional ballots.

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