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Adopt A School Program Volunteers Needed

During Constitution Week schools are required by law

to teach the U. S. Constitution.


Every year prior to Constitution Week (Sept. 11-17th) the NCTPP donates pocket Constitutions to our local schools' grades 8th - 12th through our Adopt A School program.


By providing accurate Constitutional materials to the schools and our educators, the Adopt A School program hopes to help insure our children learn just how important our Constitution is to a free people.

Our schools have come to count on us to provide these materials.  This year we have slightly over 1900 pocket Constitutions to deliver. 

We are planning a "get organized" effort to package the Constitutions by school, do some decorating of the boat for our Constitution Day parade entry, make some signs and just have some fun spending time and working together.  We will have pizza and some sodas.  


Join us and help prepare the deliveries for each school

Wednesday, September 5th

5:30 PM

DeMartini RV  

625 Idaho Maryland Rd, Grass Valley,

If you have a favorite school and would be willing to drop the Constitutions off at that school - we would be thrilled.  The schools are expecting them and they are always please to receive them.



Join in the effort to save our children and our history.

Please help with this important program!

To volunteer click here

Defending Liberty through Education

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