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Sunday, September 17, 2023

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Join the Nevada County Tea Party Patriots for our annual entry in the Constitution Day Parade in Nevada City, California. The amazing ship, Miss Liberty will be decorated in tribute to the celebration of our nation's founding document. Our entry will be led by the Freedom Riders Motorcycle Group, and Miss Liberty will accommodate many celebrants on board. Email to save a spot!


Nevada City’s Constitution Day Parade has been a tradition since 1967 and is reported to be the oldest and largest Constitution observance in the western United States. Highlights of the weekend include a parade, Revolutionary War Living History, the Gold Country Duck Race on Deer Creek, and a concert in the historic district.

The 57th Annual Constitution Day Parade will be held in the heart of historic Nevada City, a quaint and scenic Gold Rush town. The parade which makes its way through downtown includes marching bands, floats, antique autos, equestrians, politicians and the perennial favorite–the Famous Marching Presidents of Nevada City, a humorous but reverent depiction of each U.S. president.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Our next Nevada County Tea Party Patriots meeting will host


founder of Protecting American Ideals,

our local education watch dog


September 14th, 2023 

We meet the 2nd Thursday each month at 6:30 pm

Robinson Enterprises' Community Meeting Road

293 Lower Grass Valley Road

Nevada City, CA

Missed Our Last Meeting?


We've posted some of the important information

convenient for on demand viewing! 










As part of the Elections at Risk campaign, Clint Curtis, a veteran computer programmer,

testified at a hearing about being contacted in 2000 by a Florida Congressman to rig Florida's elections.

Mountain Top Media in Northern California recently filmed an 

Interview with Clint Curtis

concerning Shasta County BOS precedent setting vote to pull all Dominion voting machines and

his advocacy for hand counting ballots going forward.


And we also heard from:

Sue McGuire on the current court case concerning the

Nevada County Elections Office.

Judy Woods on the current Nevada County

education landscape and next steps for PAI. 

(Protecting American Ideals)

What is the Tea Party?


Simply stated, the Tea Party is people like you and me . . . who are individually responsible and don’t expect our ride to be free! We utilize the vast opportunities protected under our Constitutional Republic. We have a strong work ethic and are not quitters; we can surely take a lick! We recognize that no one owes us anything.

Boston  Tea Party Image.png

Secondly, we believe in and sanction free markets—healthy capitalism! We

embrace ground up entrepreneurship and industriousness. We applaud the

economic progress made since independence. We support economic growth, but

not at the expense of lives and livelihood. We support fair, ethical and non-political regulations regarding the free market.


Thirdly, we believe that fiscal responsibility is a considerable factor in a stable society. We believe that government must make cuts and reset its spending priority. We believe government spending is guided by lobbyists and not the citizenry. We believe there is constantly vast waste and abuse of tax payer money. We believe spending should be constitutionally sanctioned and include more citizen input.

Lastly, and most importantly, we believe there must be Constitutionally limited government. We believe government is unconstitutionally large and has out grown its authority. We believe that much more transparency is greatly needed. We believe that unelected bureaucrats have far too much power and that there is gross corruption in our government that must be addressed.

If you agree with the above, you are “the Tea Party” . . . and may not realize it. There is no formal membership, just your participation in and supporting activities/events. Those activities center on educating people regarding:

       Fiscal Responsibility    •   Free Markets    •   Limited Government

. . . . and exercising Individual Responsibility

Do you really think there are many America-loving citizens that would not agree with the statements above?

Boston was the hotbed of revolution in the colonies. In 1773, the Sons of Liberty boarded a British tea vessel and dumped the contents into Boston Harbor in protest of the tax on tea.

After a short battle with cancer, Claudia Taylor passed away on Wednesday, March 22, 2023 at the home of her daughter-in-law, Becky, in Rancho Marietta. During her last days, her husband of 20 years, Cliff, sat by her bedside holding her hand.


Claudia was active in many conservative causes including the Nevada County Tea Party (secretary), Liberty Camp for Kids (co-founder), Nevada County Republican Women Federated, Protecting American Ideals (secretary, education group), Nevada County Central Committee (member, past secretary), and Delegate, California Republican Party, just to name a few.

Educational Information for the Whole Family

Monumental: The Movie

At our last NCTP meeting we screened this landmark film telling the powerful story of our nation's tumultuous founding. Fully documented with footage from historical sites and time period original source records, you will relive the footsteps and events of our forbearers through the quest of one man looking for the answers to questions left unanswered by traditional education. This is a must see for all those with a love of country craving a better understanding of the gift of this nation given to us from those with a multigenerational view.

"MONUMENTAL is an ambitious documentary about actor Kirk Cameron’s quest to understand why America is falling apart and what made it a great country in the first place. He’s asking these questions because he has young children and wants them to have a better future. Kirk’s search for answers takes him to England to find out more about the Pilgrims, who created the first representative government when they landed in Plymouth. Massachusetts. Using interviews with historians and experts such as Marshall Foster and David Barton, he finds out more and more about the Christian roots of the American experiment.


"MONUMENTAL is a very important movie. It reveals the truth about America’s past. It also sets the record straight on much of the misinformation and disinformation that’s crept its way into our popular culture. The movie’s content is excellent and clean. The documentary realization of it could have been better, however. For example, there’s very little done to involve the audience in the story. That said, MONUMENTAL is highly commended for the excellence of the information it communicates." ~ Movie Guide

Plan to join us at one of our upcoming events:

Next planned events:

September 14th, 2023 - NCTP General Public Meeting - Speaker, Judy Wood from PAI

September 17th, 2023 - Annual Constitution Day Parade, Nevada City

October 12th - NCTP General Public Meeting

Meetings are quarterly on the Second Thursday at the Robinson's Enterprises Community Room, Nevada City. We'll send out information to all on our email list and post on social media.

What the NCTP does . . . . 

Constitution Classes * Duty of the Jury * Liberty Camp


Constitution and quill_edited.jpg
  •  Do you know your rights?

  •  Do you know them well enough to recite them?

  •  Well enough to teach them to the ones you love?

  •  Well enough to defend them?


 We the People have the duty to restrain a government operating outside Constitutional boundaries. The Institute on the Constitution invites you to learn how, by discovering your American heritage and birthright.

Current class March 7 through May 23, 2023 

  • What is the job of the jury?

  • If a jury result makes the media or most of the population mad, does that mean it is not just?

  • What is the standard for justice?

  • Where does it come from and how do we know if it is applied properly?

By studying the history and purpose of juries and jury duty, we all become better, more informed, citizens and, consequently our rights become more secure and our communities become better places to live and to raise our children.


3rd Annual LIBERTY CAMP for kids!

An unforgettable experience! Children ages 8 to 12 will learn about the founding of our country through a variety of activities including colonial crafts, games, and food.


This five day camp will turn back the hands of time where children will encounter major historical individuals who helped form our United States of America.

Liberty Camp takes place each summer and can accomodate 40 children. We also have 8 teen helpers and parents that volunteer for the week. 


Films * Speakers * Forums * Current Events

Movie Night Film and Popcorn.jfif

We invite speakers and presenters from our local area and region with information on a variety of topics. These events are geared to educate and engage our attendees which in return motivates and energizes us to set goals and work to make our community a better place to live.


Movie Nights are enjoyed by all who attend. We show educational and inspiring films that are also thought provoking.  Popcorn, soda, water are always a plus. Please plan to join us!

Shasta County is home to Red, White, and Blueprint, an organization mobilized to make necessary changes to the political climate in their county. Nevada County Tea Party hosted two of their representatives, Carlos and Woody, for an informative presentation and lively Q and A with attendees.

Red White Blueprint.jpg
CRT Image 7_edited_edited.jpg

Critical Race Theory or CRT has been introduced into local education discussions. This is an active issue. For more information, see our dedicated CRT Information page.

Rebecca Friedricks.jpg

NCTP hosted forum guests Paul Gilbert and Amy Young, who have been researching voter rolls and election voting equipment, made a presentation on their findings. Also, information concerning conducting voter registration and how volunteers can make a difference.

'There is an increasing discussion surrounding "cancel culture' and 'wokeness' curriculum as embodied in Critical Race Theory and Gender Studies.  Concerns of public school systems “reprograming” student minds away from traditional values and toward disdain and hatred of those values is frequently being discussed in our communities.'


As part of our community education outreach, the Nevada County Tea Party Presented: “Whose Children Are They?”  From the documentary film revealing the implementation of critical race theory in public K-12 schools [released April 15], a 30 minute interview with Rebecca Friedrichs,  the film creator.  The program also included an overview of approved CRT and Gender Studies reading materials in CA schools and information and testimonials from local parents 

Election Integrity.png
Rebecca Friedrichs, a twenty-eight-year public school teacher, authored Standing Up To Golith, and is the founder of "4 Kids and Country". She works to restore America’s schools and culture.  More about Rebecca

Candidate Forums are important to make sure we put the best people in office, so we invite candidates in contested offices in the Primary Election and the November General Election. Candidates for offices including:

  • County Departments (ie controller, recorder, assessor) 

  • School Boards 

  • County Supervisors

  • Sheriff

  • Special Districts (ie fire departments)

Uncontested race candidates had the opportunity to give a short introduction and contested race candidates will participate in a Q & A session.

Annual 4th of July and Constitution Day Parades

Who doesn't love a parade? Each July 4th and mid September join us as we gather loyal patriots to march through Grass Valley or down Broad Street in Nevada City in celebration of our founding document, the Constitution of the United States of America!

The good ship Liberty makes her Nevada County appearance with loyal well wishers aboard.

Come celebrate our founding with us. More information will be available here summer of 2023 and on social media! For updated infomation please email:

nctp con 1.JPG


 Holiday and Social Gatherings

Holiday Gathering 1.jpg

We gather for friendship through fellowship with grassroots community leaders sharing local groups working to make Western Nevada County a better place to live. We have other social events each summer. Look for announcements and plan to join us!

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