If you feel you were a victim of unethical manipulation or outright fraud, you must not go quietly into near-defeat, defeat or oblivion.

Stand up and fight -

EIP-CA will show you how.

Former candidates, especially those whose electoral results took unexpected and puzzling turns between Election Day and Certification.


Volunteers with  EIP-CA  who participated in any type of observation during the 2018 election cycle (or previous elections)


Citizens who experienced any type of irregularity in their voting experience:


  • did not receive your ballot

  • had registration changed without knowledge or permission

  • were not on check-in roster

  • were sent to wrong polling place

  • were denied the right to vote in the place and manner of your choosing

  • arrived at the polls and were told your ballot had already been claimed by someone else

  • discovered that your mail ballot was not received by the elections office

  • were not allowed to surrender your mail ballot for a poll ballot

  • etc.

  •  Anyone willing to learn the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth

  • Anyone who is "Mad as Hell" at our corrupt electoral process and is ready to help restore our Republic

  • YOU! 

Don't be a victim of history - be a writer of it!!


If you have questions please email: nctpinfo@gmail.com