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According to one specific meaning of the term religious abuse refers to psychological manipulation inflicted on a person by using the teachings of their religion.

This is perpetrated by members of the same or similar faith, and includes the use of a position of authority within the religion. It is most often directed at children and emotionally vulnerable adults, and motivations behind such abuse vary, but can be either well-intentioned or malicious.

Religiously-based psychological abuse of children can involve using teachings to subjugate children through fear, or indoctrinating the child in the beliefs of their particular religion whilst suppressing other perspectives.

Psychologist Jill Mytton describes this as crushing the child's chance to form a personal morality and belief system; it makes them utterly reliant on their religion and/or parents, and they never learn to reflect critically on information they receive. Similarly, the use of fear and a judgmental environment (such as the concept of Hell) to control the child can be traumatic.

AB-329 is titled the “Sexual Health Education” However, “health” has become a rather subjective term and according to this law includes areas such as transgender issues, LGBT discussions and sexual practices.

Many of the new revamped health curriculum lessons will conflict with the values taught at home and church.  LGBT/transgender issues ABSOLUTELY WILL be required curriculum content.

While parents may assume they can opt out of this instruction, as they can with sexual health education and HIV prevention, this simply is not true.


Instruction about gender or sexual orientations that is implemented through the adoption of the framework is exempted from parent notification and opt out requirements (California Education Code 51932b).


According to The California Safe School Coalition, state law provides that “instruction or materials that discuss gender, sexual orientation, or family life and do not discuss human reproductive organs and their functions” are not subject to parental notice and opt-out laws.


Parents, educators should scrutinize concepts of gender and sexual identity in state's health education framework

EdSource By: Brenda Lebsack is a member of the Orange Unified School District board of education in Orange County and a physical education teacher for special education students in Santa Ana Unified School District.

California sex ed curriculum encourages many behaviors… except abstinence 

By LIVEACTION Susan Michelle-Hanson | January 29, 2019 , 08:44am

Parents, across the country, are organizing in opposition to the graphic sexualized sex-education curriculum being taught to their children in the K-12 grades at public schools.

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