Wednesday, Sept. 11th, 5 PM

Annual Review of State Instructional Materials Program

Nevada County Superintendent of Schools' Office Board Room 380 Crown Point Circle 

(Whispering Pines area)

Grass Valley

The Nevada County School Board and the Superintendent of Schools are providing annual review of its State Instructional Materials Program for Alternative Education Programs as prescribed by CA Education Code 60119. 

We are told hardly anyone shows up to look at curricula materials that will be used to educate our children. We are hopeful that the issue of the new "Sex Ed Curricula" will be available for concerned parents and others will be available.

Please try to attend to show community interest in our children and grand-children's education simply by being present? You do not have to speak!

We are not sure where the information on this program was posted but below is the announcement.

Additional information on the "Sex Ed Curricula" can be found here. You will be required to verify that you are over 18.