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Postcard Commentary

by Jan Collins

The views stated below are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the NCTP.


Like many of you, I was horrified when I saw the LARGE postcard from Brian Dahle slamming Kevin Kiley. But disgusted as I was I put it aside (actually threw them in the trash) until I got a call from Nancy Gracia who was asking about AB 2015 and what I knew about it.  This is the one where Dahle accuses Kiley voting "to spend tax dollars telling illegal immigrant students how to get financial aid."  

Here's the thing.  After Nancy's call I decided to look at the Dahle postcard again so I dug all of them that I had thrown in the trash out and low and behold there was also one from Kiley saying Dahle supports amnesty and opposes Trump's border policies.


Since I was not familiar with most of the bills referenced on the cards, I did some research. 

Link to Bill:  AB 2015   (Senate Floor Analysis attached as PDF below - Assembly Floor Analysis attached as PDF below) 

Basically this bill establishes a Establishes the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) as the primary state agency for the administration of state-authorized student financial aid programs available to students attending all segments of postsecondary education. These programs include grant, work-study, and loan programs supported by the state and the federal government. (Education Code § 66010.6.(b)) 

This bill requires, commencing with the 2020-21 school year, the governing boards of a school district and a charter school to ensure a student receive information for completion and submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the California Dream Act application before that student enters grade 12.


So while Kiley may have voted in favor of this bill, to suggest that he did it because he was spending tax dollars to tell illegal immigrant students how to get financial aid is nothing if not misleading.  The bill appears to be saying that all students must be provided with information on how to complete the forms necessary for aid and or grants.


It is true that Kiley did not vote on AB 291 and I found no info on SB 726 (both of which were referenced in this Dahle ad)

Brian Dahle did vote with Democrats to condemn a key component of Trump's border policy in favor of:  AJR 46, Federal zero tolerance immigration policy: family separation.- I am not sure this is proof of his opposition to Trump's overall border policies - so it looks misleading to me.

This measure would urge President Trump, United States Attorney General Sessions, the United States Department of Justice, the United States Department of Homeland Security, and all other relevant federal departments to immediately cease the implementation of the “zero tolerance” federal immigration policy and to not propose any additional inhumane immigration policies in the future. The measure would further call for compassion and decency for all individuals, families, and children who arrive at our borders seeking a better life.

Kevin Kiley did work as a prosecutor in the California Attorney General's office.  The Attorney General at the time was none other than Kamala Harris.  So technically Dahle is right Kiley worked for Harris -since she was the CA Atty Gen at the time, but wording it so it appears as though they were of like minds is a pretty big stretch.

I was not able to get info on SJR 8

The real point is:  I had been so impressed with the candidates and how they did not speak badly about each other.  They simply stated their credentials and outlined their goals if elected to the Senate.  Then WHAM two - of what I think are disgusting ads slamming each other.  Shame on them - especially when the lead lines give sorta true sorta not true information.

Here is another point from a conversation I had with a tea party member who was asking for voting advice.  These two - Dahle and Kiley - have just finished a run for the Assembly and won. 


There was, as there is in any campaign, money spent, fundraising efforts, volunteer involvement AND now they want to give up their hard won seat to run for Senate. 


If they wanted to do that then perhaps they should not have spent the time, effort and money and wasted the time and efforts of their volunteers to run for the Assembly to begin with.

I am voting for Rex Himes and am encouraging as many as I can to do likewise.

Jan Collins

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