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Nevada County Tea Party hosted Jake MacAulay, CEO of the Institute on the Constitution at a Special Meeting on March 2nd at Esterly Hall.  Jake's topic was “How to secure the Blessings of Liberty for our Posterity: Reaching the Next Generation”

The meeting opened with a prayer and the grand-children of one of Nevada County's IOTC Constitution course graduates leading the Pledge of Allegiance followed by a song.


Jake also passed out Constitution course diplomas to recent graduates (the graduates that were not present where represented by various members of the audience). After the meeting, attendees were treated to a bevy of desserts selected by Cheryl Heward along with non-alcoholic beverages and time to visit with Jake, his entire family (his wife, Heather, his children and others.)  


Jake started the mission of reaching youth through an initiative called American Clubs and his success in reaching our high school and university students is truly remarkable.


The American Club, is a constitutional study group in public and private schools whose curriculum is currently infiltrating America’s university and High School campuses, becoming a bridge to winning the next generation to our constitutional – Christian cause and helping them combat the "Separation of Church and State” mentality.  ​The goal is to help students understand the original intent of the Framers of the U.S. Constitution by providing them with educational resources, curricula, and qualified speakers. 


The American Club emphasizes the significance of The American View of Law and Government, but also empowers the students to live their faith with courage and conviction. Students gain many skills as a result of participating in the club which includes written and oral communication, leadership, organization, and management.  


His presentation gave us information on how to start our own American Club initiative with Public, Private, and/or homeschool students.  See that information here.

Also, take a look at the "American Club Corner" by going here.   The American Club Corner is a page for groups and students to get updates on the many Institute on the Constitution support activities and to share information with each other to establish and maintain their clubs. 

Jake also presented information on "Liberty Camps",  a partnership with churches and liberty groups all across America.  Similar to a Vacation Bible School, the "Liberty Camp" is designed to teach 7 to 12 year old's about the colonial Christian heritage we have in American and how that heritage permeates and underlines our form of government.  These camps give our younger children and grand-children an interactive learning experience of colonial America and the birth of our nation that they are not receiving in our schools today.  See the promotional video here.    You can also get more information on Liberty Camps here.

Reaching the next generation is not something that will happen on its own, 

it requires our effort!

For assistance in starting your own "American Club" or "Liberty Camp" in Northern California 

you can contact Jan at or call (530) 802-0865 or email Jake at:

Tickets for the Nevada County Fundraising "Gun Raffle"  were also on sale at the event.  

About Jake:


Jake is an ordained minister who speaks to audiences’ nation-wide on the Constitution will be in Grass Valley on March 3rd and in Northern California from March 2nd to March 7th. 


The Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) is an educational outreach whose mission is to restore our American Founding Fathers’ Biblical, Constitutional, “American View” of law and government.  This American View can be summed up in these words:  “There is a God, our rights come from Him and the purpose of civil government is to protect our God-given rights.”  The IOTC, believes that fidelity to this American View is crucial to the preservation of Liberty. 

The IOTC has produced thousands of Constitution graduates in all 50 states and has been endorsed by people such as Chief Justice Roy Moore, David Barton, Liberty University, Dr. Ken Ham, Dr. Michael Milton, Liberty Council Christian Liberties Law Firm, Alan Keyes, Dr. Bob Jones III, Alveda King, Chuck Baldwin, and more… 


Jake has been seen on Yahoo News, Fox News, The Blaze, AP, CBS, NBC, The Weekly Standard, and more…

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