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From Where I Sit Commentary

by Jan Collins

The views stated below are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the NCTP. The following is the opinion of the author and not necessairly that of the Nevada County Tea Party. "If I had to guess I would guess that the signer's of this letter are dependent on receiving campaign funds from the National Republican Party or the California Republican Party and therefore do the bidding of the Establishment Republicans."

Yet Again Another Duplicitous Misleading Letter

From Establishment Republicans

(see letter here)

As if Former California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte's misleading letter about Kevin Kiley wasn't enough now we have Congressman Doug LaMalfa, Assemblyman Brian Dahle, and Senator Jim Nielsen representing themselves as the "Northern California Republican Leaders" - presenting themselves as the leaders of the northern counties- (really?) and sending a duplicitous letter to the delegates in the north state asking them to cast their vote for  Shasta County GOP chair, Cathy Kneer, to serve as the AD1 Platform Committee representative.


Using the letterhead "Northern California Republican Leaders" they, in a clever and indirect way in order to achieve their goal of getting delegates to "fall in line" and vote for Cathy Kneer, present themselves as the leaders of the north state counties and the ones to follow.


I wonder if they ever considered the Republican Central Committee Chairmen or Chairwomen of Lassen Co., Siskiyou Co., Nevada Co., Plumas Co., Placer Co., Modoc Co. as "Northern California Republican Leaders"? Or indeed, what about all the people sitting on the north state central committees? Are they not "Leaders"?


From Where I Sit

 A vote for Cathy Kneer is most likely a vote for Jim Brulte's "Reframing the Message" his proposed Democrat-light platform for the Republican Party.


A vote for Cathy Kneer is a vote for the elite establishment Republican leaders that we currently have and their "we stand for nothing" policies which have lead to the demise of registered Republican voters.


If we truly want voters to register and vote for Republicans we better start standing for the Constitution and the values held by the majority of voters that made this country great.

Oh - one other thing - to the best of my knowledge the north counties listed above are supporting Joseph Turner current Chair of Lassen County Republican Central Committee.  Read his statement here.


Jan Collins

Northern California Republican Leaders J
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