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                 Kevin Kiley VS Brian Dahle


Last night I attended the Nevada County Republican Party Spring Dinner at the Ridge Country Club in Auburn.  This is the NCRP’s major fundraiser for the year and it was very well attended.

Our elected officials and the two Republican candidates for California Senate District 1 were invited to attend both the VIP and Dinner events.  Now I may have missed some of the local elected officials, but the only two I saw were Dan Miller and Sue Houck.  Doug LaMalfa was invited but unable to come he sent a representative and supplied an American Flag and some other goodies to auction as did Tom McClintock.


Here’s the rub – in true Brian Dahle fashion Brain was not present and as far as I know did not send a representative nor offer a donation for the auctions.  This should come as no surprise to many of us in Nevada County as we all know that Brian only shows up here if he is running for office – and apparently he sees himself ahead in the upcoming special election so he – once again- did not bother to come to Nevada County.  Even Jessica Patterson turned down a speaking engagement in San Diego (I think it was) to come here and speak with us. 


For years I have heard many in Nevada County complain about Brian’s lack of attention to Nevada County and indeed he even acknowledged in a presentation to the Central Committee that he knew many of us were upset with him because of this lack of attention but that he was so busy with his family, business and the legislature that he just didn’t have the time to come here – except when he needs our vote. I have also heard those same people praise him if he took a phone call from them.

I heard Brian speak at the Republican Women’s Luncheon and again to the Central Committee and the overall impression I got was that he was tired – there was just a sense of “I can’t believe I have to go through all this again when I know I am going to win” in his voice. 


Don’t get me wrong – I have checked his voting recorded and consider him a strong conservative legislator. 


However, a few years back I attended a meeting where I saw Brian for the first time (he was running for office) and the event host asked him how much influence did letters, phone calls and emails from his constituents have on  his decision on legislation.  Brian’s answer: “I am not influenced by these at all.  I make the decision about what I think is best for my district.” Personally, that was the end of Brian Dahle for me.  We did not put him in office to ignore our concerns and while he does vote conservatively he is very much supported by the establishment Republicans and I believe him when he says he doesn’t care what we - the people who helped put him in office- think.


In contrast, Kevin Kiley was there and gave an awesome presentation.  I have run into Kevin at several events where there is no Brian Dalhe present – in fact at most events.  Kevin is a true conservative, brave and bold and not afraid to stand his ground on behalf of his constituents. Currently Kevin is officing in the “dog house” (the smallest office at the Capitol) for standing up for our rights. One wonders if Brian was ever assigned this office for defending us.


Brian is doing a good enough job in the Assembly – let’s leave him there and put a warrior in the Senate. 


The NCTP supports Kevin Kiley for Senate District 1.

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