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Election Integrity Project California comes to Nevada County

presentation on

"Cleaning Up the California Voter Rolls" 

Election Integrity Project - California goes to Nevada County

Linda Paine's (President of Election Integrity Project California) presentation on Jan. 22nd on the lawsuit settlement of Judicial Watch and EIP-Ca against Los Angeles County and California Secretary of State was well attended as many concerned citizens turned out to learn more about how the lawsuit settlement will impact Nevada County and all other California counties.


EIP-Ca considers this settlement a colossal win. By bringing California, the most populous state in the union, into legal compliance with respect to its un-maintained voter rolls, the settlement, when performed, will have a major impact across the nation. Los Angeles County has over 10 million residents, more than the population of 41 of the 50 United States. California is America's largest state with over 38 million residents


The presentation included the efforts and documentation gathering used by EIP-Ca and discussion on "ballot harvesting" and how having ineligible voters (people who may have moved or past away) on the rolls and perhaps receiving ballots which could then possibly be completed and submitted in an election dilutes the vote of every California eligible voter.  We also learned how our civil rights are being violated as our right to choose is being taken away.

According to EIP-Ca There is much more to be done to assure eligible Californians that their votes count, undiluted by the casting of illegitimate votes. EIP-Ca will continue to leverage the massive amount of evidence and documentation provided by its data team and election observer volunteers to effect further substantive corrections for the protection of each eligible California voter.


EIPCa, a tax exempt, public benefit, non-profit 501(c)(3), non-partisan corporation dedicated to assuring that every lawfully cast vote is accurately counted and reported will continue to add to its 8 years of research and documentation to determine whether the state and counties are complying with state and federal laws that protect the integrity of the electoral process. 

For more information on EIP-Ca please click here.


 Simply stated, EIPCa will relentlessly pursue the fulfillment of its motto:

Every Lawfully Cast Vote Accurately Counted.

The Nevada County Tea Party thanks Linda for taking time from her very busy California tour to address our concerns here in Nevada County.  Your NCTP Board of Directors are very concerned about this issue and will keep you informed as we move forward to engage our citizens, no matter their political leanings, to join with EIP-Ca to ensure that our voting system is one with integrity.

If this is of interest to you please send us a note by filling out the "Contact Us" form by clicking here.


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