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'The Revolution Band' from Massachusetts perform "Common Core Revolution". Original music by The Beatles  ...

Dissecting Common Core - Robert Hammond, Orange County Board of Education Trustee, 1st Distric


Regardless of your politics or parental status, the issues surrounding Common Core are becoming inescapable. Movements across the country now exist to educate and attempt to eradicate this new program of education. Many feel we will not be able to compete for our own colleges against foreign students because American kids will be at a significant disadvantage


A former Marine and currently a special education teacher, Orange County Board of Education Trustee, 1st District, Mr. Hammond speaks straight talk about the problems with Common Core. He has been very outspoken and a lone voice in the battle against Common Core on the OCBOE and a community leader in getting information out to our community.

As opt-out numbers grow,

Arne Duncan says feds

may have to step in

by Patrick Wall of Chalkbeat New York -  April 21, 2015 Read article here


Note:  For those who say that Common Core and the U.S. Department of Education schemes are not about controlling local education, state rights and parental control.

Notice in the article how suddenly the “voluntary” assessments are referred to as mandatory by Arne Duncan.


Parents, flex your muscles! If you have not opted out your children, opt them out today. Download the opt out form at


Feds Play the Race Card to Crush Partent's Revolt Against Common Core

by David French of National Review 

April 24,2015
Read article here.




Read article here



Common Core tests take the imagination out of education 

By Peter W. Wood

Reported in the New York Post

April 11, 2015 | 7:52am  Read more here.


 LAUSD Declares ALL Students “Crazy”—by Their Definition Read article here

April 12, 2015 By Stephen Frank 


LA School ReportMental Health screening results of LAUSD kids alarming yet typical. Read more here

Posted on April 10, 2015 12:08 pm by Craig Clough


Missouri elementary teacher Susan Kimball testified before the Missouri Senate Education Committee that she has been threatened and bullied for her opposition to Common Core.  be sure to view comments.

Common Core on the Radio

KMYC 1410 AM - 

"Voice of Yuba County"


Links to previous shows


May 15th - "Utah Mom" Christel Swasey talks about the national opt out movement, the unvalidated tests and standards, parental rights, liberty and the US Constitution, and how that relates to common core and its tests and data mining agenda Click here - interview starts a 7:13  mark


May 9th - Dr. James "Duke" Pesta -Peg Luksik -Dr. Pesta’s discussion is about the indoctrination of students in the Common Core curriculum.  Common Core does not encourage students to read the greatest novels in history, it’s not about teaching students to think outside of the box, nor is it about teaching students to excel beyond the capability of their fellow students in their grade, and it is not about mentoring gifted students.  Click here for interview


April 25th - Dr. Peg Luksik -Dr. Peg Luksik is a Pennsylvania teacher with over 35 years of experience in both special education and elementary education.  She has taught at every level from pre-school to college in regular classrooms, resource centers, self-contained special education classes, and in alternative educational settings.  She has trained teachers in curriculum and classroom management, written and evaluated curricula, authored several books on education issues, and hosted a nationally syndicated television program dealing with education in America.  Click here


April 18thSinhue Noriega teacher and author of “If Its Broken, Don’t Fix It”  talks about the Smarter Balances testing; the history of Common Core and how it is the first law to bypass congress; similarities of Common Core and Obamacare; how it violates state’s rights and how things that are happening today relates to Common Core and more.  Click here


April 11th - Paul Preston - Paul covers NEW Common Core information including the latest Gov Brown antics and the federal take over of public education and how it started. Click here   


April 4th - Lydia Gutierrez -Lydia talks about HRT Student Success Act (re-authorization of No Child Left Behind, Testing, Report Cards and International Benchmarking. Click here


March 28th - Tracee Mann - She rocked it! Tracee Mann discusses the how the Federal Government wants complete control using Education Reform. Click here. 


March 21st - Sinhue Noreiga teacher, parent, author of "If Its Broken Don't Fix It" talks about the unconstitutionality of Common Core Clike here


March 14th - Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Professor Emerita University of Arkansas, on "The Need to Reform Teacher Licensing Regulations and Tests"  Click here.


March 7th - Brad McQueen, Arizona teacher and author of "The Cult of Common Core" Click here 


February 21st -  Sinhue Noriega teacher and author of "If Its Broken Don't Fix It" 

Click here.


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