NCTPP Sheriff Candidate Forum

Foothills Event Center

March 23, 2018

All Candidates were invited.

NCTPP regrets that Sheriff Candidate Bill Smethers was not present at the forum on March 23rd. Although in November 2017 all candidates were involved in selecting the date for the forum, apparently the date was not conveyed to Candidate Smethers' Campaign Committee. This resulted in our forum not being put on his campaign schedule and the subsequent discovery that it was in conflict with a fundraising event.


Despite substantial efforts by the NCTPP to accommodate a compromise, the Smethers Campaign Committee advised that he will not be attending the forum.

At 11:00 A.M. the day prior to the Forum we were advised by Candidate Moon’s campaign manager that she would not be attending the event on March 23rd.

However, to give forum attendees the opportunity to have some input from Lt. Smethers, the NCTPP Board of Directors decided to provide all candidates with several pre-planned questions in advance. The Board has asked that Candidates Smethers and Moon's responses be in written form and has also offered the opportunity to send an opening statement to be read at the forum should they so desire. Both the questions and the candidates responses are available by contacting the NCTP at and scheduling a time to read them.

District Attorney Forum 

Rough and Ready Community Hall

March 26th, 2018

Cliff Newell

Nevada County District Attorney

Glenn Jennings

Former Nevada County Deputy/Assistant District Attorney