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As a 501c4 Educational Non-Profit Organization, the Nevada County Tea Party doesn't endorse candidates for political office. Due to ongoing requests we are instead posting the organizations below with their 2022 endorsements. Included in these lists are the candidates they have determined will represent the best interest of our community. If you have any questions, please contact the individual organizations.


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Protecting American Ideals

Sierra College District Board​

Carolyn Bronson – Area 6.  Carolyn has served in multiple school leadership positions in Nevada County and has taught both undergraduate and graduate students. She has three daughters who are all graduates from California Universities. With a doctoral degree in economics, she is uniquely qualified to oversee how taxpayer funds are spent, especially regarding the large construction projects in the pipeline for Sierra College.


Will only be on your ballot if you live in one of the three areas. 


Nevada Joint Union High School District Board


Jenny Scicluna – Area 1.  Jenny Scicluna was born and raised in Nevada County, graduated from NU and has three sons in district schools. She has worked and volunteered for Seniors at Nevada Union H.S. She will focus on the ensuring that students have a positive and safe school experience while developing the skills necessary to succeed in life.


Stephanie Leishman – Area 2. Stephanie Leishman for NJUHSD Trustee! Outstanding qualifications: Harvard graduate. MBA, MSIS from Boston University. FEMA certified for school emergency response. Appointed to NJUHSD Board in June 2022 and, as trustee, visits all high schools, and holds office hours for students, parents and staff. Reviews monthly budget. Extensive teaching and mentoring experience. Prioritizes academic excellence. Please follow:


Jay Adamson – Jay Adamson is a local business owner who attended Cottage Hill, Magnolia, and graduated from Bear River H.S. He is a parent and served as trustee of Pleasant Ridge School District from 2014-2020. In 2018, Jay received the CA Park and Recreation Society’s Champion of the Community Award for exemplary volunteerism in his community.


Only on the ballots in these areas:


Chicago Park School District

Michael Dunham – Michael Dunham is a professional firefighter, a father of two, and a strong advocate for quality education. Michael will encourage parent involvement to keep the sense of community in this small town. He will explore ways to attract the best teachers to ensure all students’ needs are met.


Pleasant Ridge School District

Peggy Fava –  Peggy has a BS Degree in Business Management. As a Certified Brain Health Professional, she strongly advocates for academic excellence, parental rights, and local accountability. She has extensive experience working with marginalized and trauma-impacted students and is the Founder/CEO of Bridge Network serving at-risk youth. In 2018, she received the Woman of the Year Award from the CA Legislative Women’s Caucus.

Members of PAI have been attending Nevada Joint Union High School District Board of Trustees and other school board meetings in Western Nevada County. From their involvement with our local schools PAI is stepping forward with their candidate endorsements for the November 8th General Election.

Dan Prout, Sierra Mininsteries

Sierra College District Board​

Carolyn Bronson – Area 6. I have met Carolyn. She is very sharp, well qualified and experienced. Business woman and past member and president of Penn Valley Schools. 


Will only be on your ballot if you live in one of the three areas. 


Nevada Joint Union High School District Board


Jenny Scicluna – Area 1. I have spoken with Jenny and support her campaign. NU graduate, business owner and dedicated mother. Family has be here a few generations and so she’s invested in our area. 


Stephanie Leishman – Area 2. I know Stephanie and support her campaign. Very sharp woman. Just appointed a few months ago 4-0 by the current board after a lengthy vetting period. Conservative and already has a grasp on the budget and other problem areas. 


Jay Adamson – Area 5. I have spoken with Jay and support his candidacy as a dedicated parent. 


Only on the ballots in these areas:


Chicago Park School District

Michael Dunham – Michael is a long-time resident, parent, and is worthy of our support.


Pleasant Ridge School District

Peggy Fava – I have met Peggy and have supported her in the past. She is an excellent choice.


Nevada County Consolidated Fire District

Jon Hall – Endorsed by local Republican Party 

Keith Grueneberg - Endorsed by local Republican Party


If you know anyone in Truckee:


Tahoe-Truckee Unified School District

Richard Ludke – Area 1

Shannon Hansen – Area 5

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        Measure V Misleads Taxpayers


Measure V funnels money to Nevada County's general fund, not specifically to fire management, which is why a judge ordered the county to rewrite the false language on the ballot. Those behind Measure V are misleading the public.

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Judges are rated on a scale of 1-5 — 5 being best.

5  Stars – The best candidate. Our strongest endorsement

4 Stars – Very good

3 Stars –  Acceptable

2 Stars –  Vote only to prevent worse candidate(s) from winning

1 Star – Terrible. Do Not Vote

Listen to this important information HERE about judicial recommendations and who not to vote for.

CA Supreme Court, Retention Election

Joshua Groban * (Vote No)

Patricia Guerrero * (Vote No)

Martin J. Jenkins ** (Vote No)

Goodwin Liu ** (Vote No)

CA Third District Court of Appeal, Retention Election

Harry Hull ***** (Vote Yes)

Peter Krause ** (Vote No)

Laurie M. Earl * (Vote No)

Stacy E. Boulware Eurie ** (Vote No)

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iVoter Election Guide

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